Solana's Largest Single Artist Game Drop

Several months since its launch, MONMONMON remains a beacon in the NFT and gaming arena, reflecting a story of unprecedented success and enduring appeal. Originating as the largest single-artist collection on Solana, this project has maintained its momentum well beyond its first month, setting it apart in the digital collectibles and blockchain gaming landscape.

In its first month alone, MONMONMON set staggering records. The project saw 4 million API calls on MONMONMON.ART in just a single week, a testament to its technical prowess and user engagement. This surge in digital traffic established the project as a major player in the NFT space from the outset.

The community engagement has been equally impressive, with 1,211,120 unique owners joining the MONMONMON universe, showcasing its broad appeal and capacity to build a diverse and enthusiastic following.

The collection boasts 1,383,031 unique cards, offering an extensive array of digital art for collectors. Despite this large number, only 1,343 cards are listed in the marketplace, indicating a strong collector's sentiment and the perceived value of these digital assets.

The integration of gaming has been a key factor in MONMONMON's success, with 8,600 games played, enhancing user interaction and experience. This feature has contributed to the project's longevity and continued relevance in the NFT community.

Sales figures from the first month were groundbreaking, with 17,000 sales recorded, reflecting the high demand and active trading within the community. This early success has laid a solid foundation for sustained interest and investment in the project.

MONMONMON's global impact is undeniable, reaching fans in 86 countries, demonstrating its worldwide appeal and accessibility. The project's website also experienced significant traffic, with 10,000 visits to the claim page in a week, and users spending an average of 4 minutes and 24 seconds engaged with the content.

Social media growth has been substantial, with @PeeYellow's Twitter account, associated with MONMONMON, tripling its followers by gaining 9,900 new followers. This social media traction reflects the growing interest and discussion surrounding the project.

In summary, months after its launch, MONMONMON continues to shine as a pioneering force in the NFT and gaming sectors. Its impressive first-month stats — with over a million unique owners, a vast array of unique cards, and a significant global presence — have laid the groundwork for its enduring popularity and influence.


  • 🌐 API Calls A booming 4 million API calls on MONMONMON.ART just this week.
  • 👥 Unique Owners We've welcomed 1,211,120 unique owners into our MONMONMON universe.
  • 🃏 Unique Cards A total of 1,383,031 unique cards have been created.
  • 📈 Listed Cards 1,343 cards are currently listed on the marketplace.
  • 🎮 Games Played 8,600 games have been played.
  • 🎉 Sales A staggering 17,000 sales in just one month!
  • 🌍 Countries MONMONMON has reached fans in 86 countries.
  • 📊 Claim Page Visits 10,000 visits to our claim page this week.
  • 🕒 Average Engagement Time Users have an average engagement time of 4m 24s.
  • 🐦 Twitter Growth @PeeYellow's presence has tripled, gaining 9,900 followers.