Jack Nicholson as Napoleon

Jack Nicholson as Napoleon

Jack Nicholson as Napoleon

There are a handful of movies that never got made and ultimate "what ifs". Stanley Kubrick was supposed to make a Napoleon movie starring Jack Nicholson as Napoleon.

So on a quiet Saturday night with a spicy margarita in hand, I wanted to see if I could generate images of what that Nicholson Napoleon might look like. I also wanted to generate a high end toy form this movie that never got made.

I initially used MidJourney to generate a series of images with this prompt:

Full body t-posed action figure. No background. Action figure if of Jack Nicholson as Napoleon Bonaparte. 70s kenner style action figure.

Now that I have an aciton figure image that I like, I want to take it and turn it into a 3D image. I used Meshy.ai and uploaded the raw MidJourney image. While the results need a bunch of cleanup, it is ridiculous that it took a 2D generated image, and did 85% of the image in 3D. In fact one particular angle of the 3D image looks pretty amazing.


I also wanted to see what the image would look like in real space. So I exported the GLB version of the image from Meshy.ai, and then converted on my Mac with Reality Converter. The final export is a USDZ file that was then projected to my desktop via the Apple Vision Pro.


Here are alternate Napoleons that MidJourney generated. My god this is good stuff.