Legends of El Paso

Legends of El Paso

Legends of El Paso

Legends of El Paso


I have dreamed about creating a toy collection celebrating the greatest El Pasoans of all time. Crosno, Jeep Jackson, Eddie Guerrero, Sandra Day OConnor, Cormac McCarthy, Debbie Reynolds and more.


No doubt a collection will be available to be 3D printed within the next year as this technology improves.Having one off designs that you can put on your desk is going to be here soon. Can you imagine how great it would be to have a Ted Bender Funko Pop?



You can create your own Funko POP styled images with this GPT below by the brilliant RUV.NET.




Estella Casas v1



Miss USA Laura Harring v1



Crosno v1


Jeep Jackson v1


JJ Armes v1


Ted Bender v1