Career Fair 2023

Career Fair 2023

Career Fair 2023

This school year I again got the amazing opportunity to talk to 5 different class rooms of middle schoolers during their Career Day. Even though my kids have long ago left middle school, I've always felt it was important to represent software geeks during the event. In my experience over the years, most of the career days was overly represented by law enforcement and government employees, and people like me were woefully not available. However, this year, there were almost 70 unique parents and mostly technology positions they were representing. The tide has turned. Feels good.

One of my favorite things is the personal notes that the kids send to you with their mandated thanks (clearly it's an assignment). BUT ... if I'm able to leave them with a few takeaway points and spurn some personal curiousity, then it is all total worth it. The most impressive thing is the kids paying attention to how to spell my name. Could probably teach a bunch of my peers

i really liked how you worked for the book company and im thinking about byeing one

I thought you were a great speaker and you had a great presentation!

Thank you for the presentation. Yours was the best-.

Your presentation was very entertaining. Thank you for coming to our school to share your job!

Thank you for sharing all your work I would love to know more about this job you have, it seems like it would be an awesome job!

Thank you so much for coming. I really liked your presentation and I hope to see you next time.

thank you for giving my brain good information

i liked how you were really energetic and funny and how you told us about your job.

Joey you were the best speaker and you have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! - The kid that knew who Junkook was.

Thank you for the presentation so much! AI is such a magical world of computers that we have a lot to find out about!

Hello, i loved you speech it was informational, and fun. I loved your fit man so cool. when I get older I will consider doing AI Technology.

Mr. Janisheck, Thank you so much for visiting Walsh today. It was a pleasure meeting you. I never really thought of AI that much, but after your session, I realized how amazing it is. This was my favorite session out of all five. Thank you again.

you are very funny and kind that is the best job

Thank you for your time here! I enjoyed your lesson and what I learned about your job!

Wow! Thanks for the presentation. I never knew technology could learn!

Your positive, Funny attitude really made the class more fun and more interesting and thank you for presenting to our school, and of where you worked at was really cool.

he was good and i dont know

thank you to janisheck to really having kids humor and being funny and a great person

I love how kind you are. I also love how much you care about your job! it inspires me to get into AI technology. Thank you for the amazing experience!

Thank you Mr. Janisheck for being so passionate about explaining and teaching the younger generation more about the amazingly interesting topic of Artificial Technology.

I'm including some of the notes and then my deck I presented below. My topic was being a CTO and telling them about a few concepts around AI.