Apple Headset Prediction

Apple Headset Prediction

Apple Headset Prediction

I've been waiting for Apple's headset announcement for years. To me it is going to be mixed reality's defining moment and unleash a ton of software development. Here are my predictions:

1. Digital Vision Correction

Apple's optical patents could revolutionize vision correction in their upcoming headset. Instead of conventional glasses, users will go through a set-up wizard that adjusts their vision, enabling real-world passthrough with potentially telescopic capabilities from external cameras.

2. Facetime with Memoji Avatars

Apple's challenge with its headset is facilitating FaceTime calls without full-face visibility. Their solution? Memoji avatars. These avatars, synced to your head and mouth movements, will allow a level of personalization beyond a simple photorealistic projection.

3. Augmented Reality Monitors

The headset's killer feature could be digitally projected monitors that extend your laptop's desktop. Perfect for co-working spaces, it could possibly connect via HDMI, inviting Windows gamers to join the experience.


4. Outdoor Compatibility

Unlike Meta Quest products, Apple's headset may excel outdoors. Despite initial awkwardness, like with AirPods, the ability to use Apple applications with prescription passthrough outside could make this headset a creativity and science tool.

5. Emphasis on Network Gaming

Despite networked AR game capability on Apple's platform, no apps have truly taken off since Pokemon Go. With this headset, shared AR assets and positioning could facilitate collective gameplay experiences, reviving network gaming.

6. Blockchain Assets for Ownership

In a world of AI creation for imagery, 3D models, and content, using blockchain to tie brands to offerings will be everything. Anyone will be able to drag and drop a Beeple into their digital hybrid space, but having a paper trail of ownership and ability to sell it to another person as authentic will be everything. There will always be Dollar Stores, but a huge audience will want digitally authentic hybrid assets, and the blockchain delivers that.

What a time to be alive.