Building tech is a thrilling endeavor, almost akin to piecing together a puzzle. You're not just coding; you're envisioning, strategizing, and actualizing something that can make people's lives easier. It's this very notion that drove me to create CVRLTR, an AI-powered web application designed to generate free cover letters for job seekers. And guess what? I built it in just one evening.

The idea behind CVRLTR isn't just about automating a task that generally takes up time and mental energy. It's about democratizing opportunities. Not everyone has the luxury of time or the skill to craft a compelling cover letter. So why should these factors be a roadblock in someone's career journey? That's the problem CVRLTR aims to solve.

I've always been a fan of AI. It's a tool, a catalyst, and sometimes even a co-creator. For CVRLTR, I decided to utilize some of the best AI-powered tools out there, including ChatGPT for natural language generation and MidJourney for backend automation. The result? An intuitive, user-friendly platform that takes in some basic information and churns out a professional, well-crafted cover letter.

So how did I go about building CVRLTR? First, I outlined the core functionality. The user inputs details like the job they're applying for, their skills, and experience. ChatGPT takes over from there, weaving these details into a coherent and persuasive narrative. MidJourney serves as the backend engine, making sure that everything runs seamlessly.

Doing this has also reminded me of the importance of customer interaction. Just like my weekly live streams for Darkblock, where I engage with developers and users to understand their needs and perspectives, I'm looking forward to feedback on CVRLTR. Whether it's through social media or direct user interviews, I want to hear what you think. Because at the end of the day, building technology is not just about creating something new; it's about creating something that genuinely helps people.

CVRLTR Screenshot

I'm excited to continue improving CVRLTR based on your feedback. So go ahead, give it a spin and let me know what you think. The future of cover letters is here, and it's AI-powered.

FYI, AI wrote this entire post in my voice. But clearly AI doesn't seem to recognize other AI. I figured I'd just leave all of the mistakes that the AI made in this blog. Midjourney isn't a backend tool, it's an amazing image generator. (It is how the owl mascot was created.) This site is running on Netlify and is a modern NextJS / React application using Tailwind for some styling.