Virtual Booths for Conferences

Virtual Booths for Conferences

Virtual Booths for Conferences

Is the future of industry conferences, the act of bringing the booth to you?

It's a strange, difficult and severely disruptive time in the world. Think of the innovation your local grocer or favorite restaurant has brought to the market in just the past few months. You mean I could have ordered online, parked, texted you and you'd bring me my order and put it in my trunk this whole time? I love how so many companies have stitched together a strategy using many different digital parts they already had. Their website. Ecommerce component to take money online. Texting platform. These Frankenstein technology structures have been my favorite part during a horrible time.

What If ...

Let me install a virtual booth in your living room

The future of entertainment and business will be more virtual. We are definitely experiencing it right now, but we'll have better hardware delivered to us (i.e. eyeglasses or goggles that project digital objects into your view/eyeballs). In the meantime, here is a booth I created to promote initiatives at my employer.

You can see what this model looks like here:

Project it in your home

The real fun comes when you project this 3D model into your physical environment. You can use your iPhone or your newer Android device and project it via AR (augmented reality) technology that's built into your phone but odds are you never used it before.

To see the booth from your own phone: