Fitness Challenge Platform for the Rest of Us

helfy was built from the ground up to be the most fun and effective way to allow your peers to compete in activity challenges. Instead of giant cattle call challenges where you seem to be lost in a crowd of thousands, or are restricted to just challenging “friends”, helfy lets you create your own targeted challenge groups.

Don’t feel bad because you can’t compete with the ultra marathon runner in your office. You shouldn’t have to compete against him. Instead, create a “BMI 30+” only challenge and have fun with people at your same fitness level.

We’ve also made helfy easy to use in a corporate or office setting. By abstracting steps into coins, we’ve eliminated some of the privacy issues directly associated with wellness competitions in the workplace. We’ve also added the ability to show realtime challenge data from a slideshow that can be presented on any big screen or TV.


  • Earn coins for steps
  • Made for mobile
  • Connect your wearable
  • Private challenges
  • Realistic competition
  • Ready for private labeling

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