Second Screen Fun From The Couch

ESPN InPlay is a second screen experience that we developed specifically for the World Wide Leader. While enjoying a sporting event on television (your 1st screen), the viewer can use their mobile phone or tablet (the 2nd screen) to engage with trivia and other complementary content. ESPN InPlay can sync millions of users with the same real-time content, and it’s all done without the need for an app download. ESPN InPlay gives advertisers the ability to engage fully with viewers and to sync ads with live television. Using a game show metaphor, it also has live scoring where viewers can compete against the entire viewing audience or just their Facebook friends. This platform also includes live Twitter integration and filtering.

We’ve worked with ESPN closely during the tennis U.S. Open, Wimbledon, NFL Draft, Home Run Derby and the ESPYs. Keep on the lookout for other future events using this technology.


  • Ability to sync live content to millions of users
  • Ad synchronization with television
  • Leaderboard
  • Social hooks
  • Used during Wimbledon, Home Run Derby, ESPYs, US Open, NFL Draft


Past clients