Cleveland Clinic SimpleTrends

Cleveland Clinic SimpleTrends

A Complete View of Wellness

In the heart of Believeland, there sits Akron General and their facilities dedicated to health and wellness. The future of “hospitals” is being prototyped in Akron, Ohio, and as a recent acquisition into one of the most powerful hospital networks in the world, the Cleveland Clinic Akron General is bringing healthy outcomes to more than just the Midwest. We were challenged to deliver a complete wellness profile of their users by aggregating quarterly health screening information and daily fitness activity monitoring into one view of their member’s health.


  • Android, iOS and Windows compatible
  • Integrated with MapMyFitness, FitBit, and LifeFitness using Under Armor Connected APIs
  • HIPPA-compliance through secure hosting platform from Catalyze
  • Healthcare screening portal
  • Track health goals and monitor trends over time

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