Commander Mark Rules

Commander Mark Rules

Famous designer Frank Chimero tweeted a few months ago that he was a fan of Commander Mark growing up. I responded to let him know that Commander Mark still lives(yes!) and his library of drawing videos lives on YouTube and he even streams on Twitch. Commander Mark rules.

For whatever reason, Chimero deleted his portion of the tweet. But after a few months, Mark Kistler himself (COMMANDER FREAKING MARK) replied with a thank you. I wanted to document it here on my blog for all posterity. Makes me wonder about Twitter's permanance and how temporary so much of our knowledge is these days. But Commander Mark is timeless.

Commander Mark had a children's learn to draw TV show on PBS in the 80s. My brother and I loved to watch and daydream about the world's he was creating.

Side note that I forgot: Along the way me and my kids got to meet the legend Mark Kistler.</a>

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