Steve Jobs 10 Years

Steve Jobs 10 Years

It is hard to believe that Steve Jobs died 10 years ago today. I remember pretty clearly where I was when I read the news. I was on the train back from downtown and looking at some geek website when the headline was that Steve Jobs had died.

For a few years prior we'd seen Jobs decline in health. The keynotes became a little tougher to watch knowing that he was sick. His spirit was there through the Walt Mossberg interviews but you could tell he was struggling.

Apple pulled the mass consumer into the future whether they wanted it or not. What am I going to do with 10,000 songs in my pocket? Who cares. We all needed more control and options and Steve Jobs was the guy to be a jerk enough to push us there. I think a lot of the space Tim Cook gets is because of the rep of aggressive innovation that Jobs made happen.

Here's to the crazy ones.

Quick note about the 3D model above. This was originally an amazing drawing by an artist named PeZ! from El Paso. He drew 26 sketches for me for a children's book / app that I never completed. His sketches were raw pencil and a few of them I collaborated and had converted into 3D. Maybe one of these days I'll finish this project. Maybe.

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