My Interview in the Chronicle

My Interview in the Chronicle

What the heck is an NFT? The Austin Chronicle interviewed me to chat about how NFTs can augment artist income and give another venue for creative outlet.

Excerpt from Austin Chronicle

Joey Janisheck, founder of the Austin-based digital consulting business ScreenDUET, foresees a future where NFTs decorate our homes in the virtual reality worlds we’ll inevitably inhabit to some degree. He also says they’ll trade easier than physical items because of “friction free environments” where no physical product ever needs fussing over. Recently, he helped Austin painter/musician Kengo Hioki of Peelander Z mint several pieces of NFT crypto art, which are currently for sale online.

Janisheck sees NFTs as a new income stream for artists and, in Hioki’s case, potential earnings until it’s safe for “him to be crowd surfing over our heads again.”

An NFT based on the art of Kengo Hioki aka "Peelander Yellow" “The interesting thing is with these NFTs, they’re digital contracts and you can program them,” Janisheck explains. “For example, every time Kengo’s work changes hands, he gets a 10 percent referral fee in perpetuity.”

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